Lower Cylinder Tin Fabrication


    Making the lower cylinder tin turned out to not be as hard as I thought it might be.  It was made much easier by first making cardboard templates which could be easily manipulated and formed.  In fact, probably 75% of the time it took me to make these was in making the templates and getting them just right.  Since I decided to initially not run a thermostat on my converted engine (for test and comparison purposes), the right side tin was made basically just like the left tin.  Had I made it for a thermostat, I would have designed it with a little different shape.  

    I'm using stock "J" tubes for my primary exhaust manifolds, so the design of the tin is tailored to these and designed so that the exiting air goes around the "J" tube.  I also am using the stock tin pieces which hang just below the upper cylinder tins.  This ensured a good fit and also ensures the air doesn't go around the fins on the sides.  I think this is a slight departure from Joe's method as described in his book, but the results are the similar.

    After the templates were just right, I simply traced out the template onto a sheet of 22 gauge mild steel.  Here's a couple photos of the two templates I made to make cutting out the metal easier.

lower-tin-pattern-L.jpg (16939 bytes)            lower-tin-pattern-R.jpg (15527 bytes)

    Once the metal was cut, the edges were filed smooth, the bend lines were drawn.  it was time to bend them.  These were simply clamped in a vise and bent by hand.  On each piece, I bent the lines toward the center first (or the angle bends).  Reason for this was that it would be a lot easier to get them in a vice for the final bends later.

    Here's some shots of the finished lower cylinder tin:

lower-tin-done1.jpg (19204 bytes)            lower-tin-done2.jpg (19866 bytes)            lower-tin-done3.jpg (18558 bytes)            lower-tin-done4.jpg (14284 bytes)

    Here's some shots installed:

Left side:

lower-tin-L1.jpg (50357 bytes)            lower-tin-L4.jpg (53652 bytes)            lower-tin-L3.jpg (45934 bytes)

Right side:

lower-tin-R3.jpg (46829 bytes)            lower-tin-R1.jpg (51080 bytes)

Both sides:

lower-tin.jpg (51321 bytes)


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