Completed Type-4 Conversion Photos


    Here are a few shots of the completed type-4 Upright conversion installed in my '66 E-Z Camper Bus.  The motor specs are as follows:

2.0L (1971cc 71X94) built by yours truly, stock modified rods, stock dished pistons (to keep proper squish), 9.0:1 CR (!!), Jake Raby split-duration cam (designed for torque), parkerized stock lifters, square port heads 42X36 valves (by Headflow Masters), ported by yours truly,1.7L rockers w/ 911 adjusters and 2.0L shafts, modified T-1 oil pump, all oil galleries drilled/tapped and plugged, Mallory Unilite distributor, Mallory Promaster coil, custom 1 5/8" 4 into 1 header w/ custom turbo muffler, 36mm Dellortos (currently, but may go CIS or Megasquirt EFI in the future),

finished-motor-installed.JPG (195353 bytes)            finished-header-installed.JPG (189352 bytes)            finished-motor-installed3.JPG (203926 bytes)            finished-motor-installed4.JPG (198006 bytes)

    Anyone who is sitting on the fence as to whether or not to convert their VW/Porsche to type-4 power really owes it to yourself to get a ride in a type-4 converted car.  Most any type-4 owner will jump at the chance to give a "virgin" a ride and show you just what a type-4 power plant can do for you.  I can tell you that the torque of this new motor makes any other motor feel like a dog.  Not only do I not have to downshift on hills, I can now accelerate at will on them.  I can't count in the past 3 months just how many motorists I've surprised with the power and acceleration of my bus and made more than a few SUV drivers look like fools to their girlfriends.  It's fun to keep pace with F150 pick-ups up to about 80mph!!!


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