Type-4 Custom Header Fabrication


    Below are a few shots of the type-4 header I built for my '66 Bus.  This isn't really a "how-to", but more of an example of how you could build one to fit your bus or other VW.  My motor uses ported & polished square port heads which can make it difficult to find a header.  So what I did was to make my own including stub pipes.  This header started life as a raw, un-painted 1 5/8" Bobcat off-road type-1 header.  

bobcat-header.jpg (14802 bytes)

    I chose this header due to the amount of tubing and bends that it has as well as the nice slip-on collector assembly.  I hate to even admit that this unit started life as an EMPI.  Anyone who knows me or has ever read my troubles with the first EMPI header for my bus, knows just how much I hate EMPI exhaust parts.  However, in this case the EMPI was a very good source of tubing, mandrel bends and collector.  Just for the record, I never did fit the header up to a type-1, so I don't know how it would have fit, but since EMPI jigs always seem to be off by a mile. . .  Only one conclusion could be assumed.

Below are a few shots of the completed header in raw finish fitted to a friends bus.  Note: I also incorporated an O2 sensor bung just after the collector so that I could run an air/fuel ratio meter or an O2 sensor with EFI later down the road.

header-raw1.JPG (207991 bytes)            header-raw2.JPG (210136 bytes)            header-raw3.JPG (196641 bytes)            O2-sensor-bung.JPG (200350 bytes)            custom-stub-tubes.JPG (194613 bytes)

The muffler used started life as a cheap 2 1/2" turbo muffler from Summit Racing.  This muffler is really good quality and is only $15!!  It was, however, too wide.  I considered buying a Flowmaster Hushpower II muffler since the dimensions were good, but the price was a but steep for me especially not knowing what it would sound like on a VW.  I cut 3" out of the center of the Summit muffler.  Before I TIG welded the halves back together, the inner baffes and exit pipe had to be modified and re-arranged in order to allow the gasses to move properly through it. 

summit-turbo-muffler.jpg (10231 bytes)

    Here's a few shots of the header and muffler fitted on an engine stand:

on-stand1.JPG (205739 bytes)            on-stand2.JPG (206183 bytes)            on-stand3.JPG (216278 bytes)            muffler-and-bracket.JPG (207516 bytes)

    Here's a shot of the completed header & muffler assembly fitted to my bus after high-temp ceramic header paint was applied.

finished-header-installed.JPG (189352 bytes)

    I hope these shots give some of you some more ideas on how to make and fit a custom header to your type-4 equipped VW.  I'm pleased to report that the header seems to be working flawlessly and the muffler sounds GREAT!!  Fairly quiet running, with a bit of a low tinny growl that sounds sweet on rapid acceleration!!   It does NOT sound like a VW anymore.


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