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    These pages are written for folks interested in air-cooled VW powered CARS.  It is NOT my intention to present the info within this website as a guide for building a VW engine which will be fitted to an airplane.  I have absolutely no idea about what is required for building an aircraft engine based on a VW block and I don't want these enthusiasts to get the wrong idea about this site.   The FAA/EAA have strict guidelines for aircraft which must be followed to ensure the safety of the pilots, their passengers and folks on the ground.  For aircraft power plant applications, consult an experienced, reputable aircraft engine builder.

    AircooledTech.com cannot be held liable for any damage, injury or death resulting in the use of the info or procedures described within this website.  Any liability lies solely with those who have the tools in their hands as they are the ONLY ones who can control their own fate.  The time to take responsibility for your OWN actions is NOW. 

Other Legal Stuff:

   AircooledTech.com and NateswaterArt.com is not affiliated with Volkswagen AG or Volkswagen of America, or any of its subsidiaries. The word "Volkswagen" and "VW" are registered trademarks and copyrighted by VWoA. Any references to "VW" or "Volkswagen" are for descriptive purposes only.


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